AV over IP

Today's solutions for video distributions demands flexibility and versatility. AV over IP has evolved over time and plays a major role in current and future projects.

Utilizing Video over IP solutions shrinks down system complexity and adds value to the system. Uncompressed streaming solutions like Christie Terra, which are part of the SDVoE alliance rely on 10G networks to route signals and provide additional features like Switching, MultiView, Wall Mode Matrix splits and even more. Terra is also able to drive audio, USB, RS-232 as well as infrared signals via the same network.

Utilizing 1G networks means, that the content needs to be compressed so that it fits through the network. Although many solutions are available on the market, NDI became an industry standard in 1G networks for signal distribution across multiple platforms. Cameras and video switchers are only some examples of NDI capable devices. Pandoras Box also accepts NDI signals by using NewTek's free NDI Virtual Input driver.