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Site Patch

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Site Patch

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Within PB V5 there are two different patch configurations available:

-Standard Configuration and

-Lighting Console Configuration.

These two configuration types may be chosen when

-Creating a new project (see File Menu)

-Adding a site via the Device Types Tab into the project.


In the Standard Configuration there is no parameter patched by default, no FX are added to the layers. When no parameter of a layer is patched, there is just an empty check box in front of the DMX Channel, Subnet and Universe settings.


When double-clicking on a layer / device you will see the parameters / parameter sections belonging to this layer.


All parameters may now be patched manually by ticking the parameter’s check box and entering the DMX start address.

By pressing [Autopatch Selected] you may patch one or several whole layers / devices.

[Autopatch Selected]:
Select the layers/devices you want to patch. Do this with the Windows standard selection method:

To select several devices click on the first one so that it is highlighted in blue, hold [CTRL] pressed while selecting more devices one by one or hold [SHIFT] pressed and click on the last device to be selected.



Press [Autopatch Selected]. A pop-up window appears.


You may now tick the check box several times to activate different parameter activation settings:


_img153  = the current parameter selection will be kept
_img154 = all parameters will be unpatched
_img155 = all parameters will be patched.

The DMX start address that is set by default (starting with Ch. 1, Art-Net Subnet 0, Universe 0) may be changed by entering a different DMX start address. All devices selected will be patched according to the patch mode you set with the check box.

Going on with the example, the pop-up window is set to patch all parameters, beginning with the DMX start address: DMX Channel 1, Subnet 0 and Universe 4, see image below.


The patch tab now is patched like shown in the image below.


All selected layers are patched one after each other, according to the amount of parameters (see DMX patch tables). When there were FX added to the layer before patching, the amount of parameters will be higher. When adding FX to a layer after the patch was done, these FX are not patched. This needs to be done manually.


In the Lighting Console Configuration there are specific parameters patched by default, see DMX patch tables, others, like i.e. Scale Pivot are not patched.

Different to a site added in STD mode, the Video and Graphic layers of sites added Lighting Console Mode contain multi-effects by default.

The patch appears with check boxes that are ticked but grayed out. This means that there is a mix of patched and not patched parameters in this layer, see image below.


If expanded you will see that some parameters are patched, others not.


If you need additional parameters patched you may do it manually by entering a DMX start address and ticking the check boxes or use the autopatch function like described under “STANDARD CONFIGURATION”.