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Network Setup

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Network Setup

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Network Setup

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To run Pandoras Box Server over Ethernet, the IP setup of your system is essential.

The coolux MediaNet allows you to link any Pandoras Box product together via MediaNet (this feature is disabled in standalone mode). The MediaNet takes care of the synchronization of the units and allows you to remote control and share files via Ethernet within the Pandoras Box software. For this a TCP (via port 1234) and UDP (via port 1235) protocol is used.

Art-Net is available as an open industry standard DMX protocol via Ethernet.
It allows transporting multiple DMX universes on a single Ethernet link. Therefore the protocol offers subnets and IDs that a DMX universe can be assigned to. If your controller does not support Art-Net nativly, you might use an Art-Net converter, which converts standard DMX signals into Art-Net. They are available i.e. from Artistic License or ELC.

Since Art-Net is sending UDP packets, this may slow down regular computer networks for office use. It could also interfere with ongoing downloads that may result in dropping DMX frames that will cause image jittering.

So please make sure that Art-Net runs on a separate network that is not connected to “normal” computer network or internet.


The way Pandoras Box synchronizes all control data for vector calculations as well as for video playback has been optimized, so that you simply have to set up a project that contains all connected units in the network.

Therefore one unit acts as a Master while all other units connected to it become Clients. A Client is fully independent. The unit gets its resource and control data from the Master system only. In the project you may define which resources should be assigned to which Client. At the same token, the Master system will automatically take care of the full synchronization of all motion and video-only data. Even if you encounter a performance drop on one of the machines, it will catch up once the necessary resources are available.


For a proper network communication and bandwidth, we strictly recommend setting up standalone local area networks.

To receive MediaNet or Art-Net with your Pandoras Box Server, any firewall needs to be switched off! By factory default the internal Windows firewall is switched off! When building up the network-link you may either use straight peer-to-peer connection with a cross-link cable or use regular network cables in conjunction with an Ethernet hub or switch.
If you like to configure your firewall differently, keep in mind that the Pandoras Box Master and Clients communicate via port 1234 and 1235!

Please note:
Some switchers and routers include filtering or even a firewall that won’t let MediaNet or Art-Net data through.


The IP address of your Pandoras Box Server needs to be set in the range of with the subnet mask if you like to send Art-Net data. For receiving MediaNet or Art-Net any IP address can be chosen.

The IP address can be changed in the properties of the network connection.
You may also use Art-Net with a DHCP server that sets all IP in the same address range.