Dome Master

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Dome Master

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Dome Master

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The "Dome Master" tool converts dome master files to spherical map files. The Dome Master is installed automatically when you install a Pandoras Box application. To open it, you can either choose it from the Tools menu from your Pandoras Box master software or open it stand-alone (on the Master or Client), e.g. by choosing it from the Pandoras Box folder in the Windows Start menu. The installation path is for example: C:\Program Files\Christie\Pandoras Box Manager 6.4.2\data\tools\PandorasBoxDomeMaster.exe

The Dome Master Converter allows a 1:1 conversion via pixel blending to achieve the best quality for the spherical map. Its sub-pixel accuracy allows optimum image sharpness for large scale projections. Due to this process it can take a longer time for the conversion.


A Dome Master file describes a sphere or a hemisphere as circular image within a square. The outer edge of the circle corresponds to the dome's equator, the circle's center point corresponds to the dome's pole. For content creators, this is a very common file type.


To map content to 3D spheres or Dome Warpings however, it is necessary to convert Dome Master files to spherical maps. These spherical maps will have the aspect ratio 2:1 (full sphere) or 4:1 (hemisphere). Especially, in case of larger multi-projection with many Servers or Players, the image can now be split up or sliced. Each slice can then be spread to the dedicated playback machine and warped separately. This saves a lot playback performance or makes playback possible in first place, depending on the resolution.

The supported input and output formats of the Dome Master converter are:

Input formats:

-Bitmap (.bmp),

-GIF (.gif),

-JPEG (.jpg),

-PNG (.png),

-PSD (.psd),

-TGA (.tga),

-TIF (.tif),

-TIFF (.tiff).

Output formats:

-BMP 24bit (Bitmap, RGB),

-BMP 32bit (Bitmap, RGB+Alpha),

-PNG 32 bit (RGB+Alpha),

-AVI Sequence

The interface of the Dome Master is divided into three sections: File, Image and Settings each described in the following chapters.



Loaded image: Courtesy of Triad, Berlin