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Devices / Parameters

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Devices / Parameters

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Devices / Parameters

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The section "Devices / Parameters" in the Configuration tab enables you to set up the general appearance and behavior of devices and parameters in your project.

configuration_devices-parameters_siteSite Initial Values

- Number of Shown Layers in New Sites
- Show Pointer Layer
Enter the amount of layers that should appear when a new site is added to the Devices tab. Choose whether it shows the Pointer Layer or not.
All other layers are hidden to ensure a good overview. To unhide or add additional layers to an existing site, right-click on the site. (see "Site context menu".)

configuration_devices-parameters_layerLayer Initial Values

- Layer Sizing Mode
Choose the Layer Sizing Mode that should be applied for newly added layers, e.g. whether they should be stretched fullscreen or keep their original resolution.
Click "Apply now" if already existing layers should adopt that mode.


- Default Opacity and Audio Volume is full
When checked, the default value for Opacity is 255 and for Volume it is 0dB, i.e. both are at 100%. This means that as soon as a media file is assigned to a layer, it will be visible or hear-able. When a container is created, and no key for Opacity / Volume is generated, the default value takes place.
In Versions before 5.5 the default value has been 0. If you like to return to that behavior you may uncheck this option.
Please note that this option results in a different show appearance when switched during or after show programming, thus it is recommended to test the show or check this option only once before starting to program.

- Parameter Value Readout
-- Percentage
Use the check box to enable percentage readout for all values of all parameters in the project, see figure b) and c). This setting can be changed at any time during runtime.

-- Pixel (where applicable)
This option is available, if the Unit Translation Mode is changed to "Use Fixed Relationship".
Some parameters (like Position and most Camera parameters) are then based on pixel values. This makes it possible to enter an exact pixel number, e.g. move right by 50 pixels.
By default, the positive X-axis points to the right direction and the Y-axis to the top. If you like to have the Y-axis pointing down, check the option "Invert Y-Axis".

-- Centered (where applicable): Some of the parameter values appear in centered position by default (default value is here set to 0), irrespective if the readout is decimal or percentage, e.g. the following parameters: X/Y/Z Rotation Speed of a Layer, Keystone faders of an Output. If you disable this function, 0 will be the minimum and the 8 bit /16 bit decimal value (depending on the properties of each parameter) will be the maximum value. With percentage value readout the value range goes from 0 to 100%. Please note that the value parameter or the layer appearance is not changed, it is just a way of displaying the value.









icon_check-box-empty Percentage
icon_check-box Centered


icon_check-box Percentage
icon_check-box Centered


icon_check-box Percentage
icon_check-box-empty Centered


icon_check-box-empty Percentage
icon_check-box-empty Centered

- Initial Values (for Parameter)
Check the option "Link Scale Params" if all newly added layers should have a locked aspect ratio. If you now change the X Scale, the Y and Z scale follow.
For existing layers, you can link parameters by using the chain icon underneath the parameter fields, see Device Control tab and Linking Parameters.