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Christie Pandoras Box Server


The award winning Christie® Pandoras Box Server system offers the best highperformance link between visual displays and digital image compositing.  

It is a turnkey solution that perfectly unites state of the art rendering technology with intuitive media and show control. A high-quality server featuring the most powerful render-engine, Pandoras Box Server offers real-time compositing in 3D and allows for projection onto any shape and any surface. 

It is totally customizable to your needs and features an intuitive design is based on how you work. Easily arrange videos and images freely, change colour, form and position. Pandoras Box synchronizes all video and audio sources. On-site 3D rendering, composition and editing – even on the fly in the preview mode – make Pandoras Box the perfect choice for any live event or multi-media show. 

  • Unlimited Video Layers
  • Unlimited Graphic Layers
  • > 4K Video Playback

  • 3D Compositing Space
  • Unlimited FX per layer
  • AEON FX Engine
  • Firefly Particle System
  • Dual XEON processors
  • NVIDIA Quadro GPU
  • SSD RAID System

True 3D Environment 

Christie Pandoras Box offers a true 3D compositing space in which both objects and plane elements can be aligned for projection mapping or real-time 3D stereo playback scenarios at high frame rates.

Instant Warping / UV Mapping 

The warping process and its features are directly integrated into the Pandoras Box render engine. Within the preview, the user has direct access to manipulate FFDs and vertices in a 3D space to match the projected image with the physical screen setup. Furthermore, UV maps can be edited on-the-fly to arrange content accordingly. Even perspective UV mappings can be realized by using the preview and its interaction modes.

Real-time masking and sketching 

Mask or sketch on any texture or object such as stage props, screen edges from the preview window. You can even save and import existing textures and export to be used elsewhere with other third-party applications. 

Multi-user control 

Using separate Pandoras Box Managers, users benefit from the combined efficiency of multiple operators. Split workloads into different tasks like warping, content encoding and timeline programming or simply work simultaneously on the same sequence.

Uncompressed Quality

Maintain the integrity and quality of your content. Pandoras Box Servers support up to 4K, uncompressed video playback at 60 fps.

Synchronized 4K playback 

The unique Pandoras Box network based adaptive frame synchronization feature allows multiple systems to run automatically in sync. An optional SMPTE Link interface can be used to sync to external sources. Full redundant or partial backup setups are possible with direct IP switching or live re-patching. 

Matrix output

Each output allows for individual DMX Pixel Mapping, with Broadcast & Unicast transmission as well as support for multiple network cards and IP address ranges.

Christie Pandoras Box OCTO Server 

For the most demanding applications, choose the Christie Pandoras Box OCTO Server. This hardware features increased output capabilities providing up to 8 outputs at full-bandwidth without compromising performance.