Versatile. Powerful. Robust.

Christie Pandoras Box Player


The Christie® Pandoras Box Player system is the perfect solution for a variety of applications. 

Its strength in 2D real-time media compositing along with the powerful server-grade components in a robust housing, makes the Pandoras Box Player the perfect fit for both installs and touring productions. 

Projections on curved surfaces can be achieved as easy as pixel accurate LED compositions. In combination with SDI or DVI live inputs, the system is perfectly equipped for any possible task onsite. Create, edit and use any media canvas for presentations or even for interactive solutions.

The Pandoras Box Player is available with different output options. It can also be purchased with "no outputs" as a pure workstation for Pandoras Box Software such as the Manager, Widget Designer or Pandoras Box Software Players. 


  • 8 Video Layers
  • Unlimited Graphic Layers
  • 4K Video Playback

  • 8 FX per layer
  • AEON FX Engine
  • Firefly Particle System
  • 2D Compositing Space
  • Single XEON processor
  • NVIDIA Quadro GPU
  • SSD RAID System

2D Workspace 

Featuring a 2D compositing pixel-based environment, Pandoras Box Player is ideal for image compositing and timeline programming. Blend, map and mask any surface with the built-in warping techniques to correct for off-angle distortions accurately on-the-fly.

Multi-user control 

Using separate Pandoras Box Managers, users benefit from the combined efficiency of multiple operators. Split workloads into different tasks like warping, content encoding and timeline programming or simply work simultaneously on the same sequence.

Synchronized 4K playback 

The unique Pandoras Box network based adaptive frame synchronization feature allows multiple systems to run automatically in sync. An optional SMPTE Link interface can be used to sync to external sources. Full redundant or partial backup setups are possible with direct IP switching or live re-patching. 

Matrix output

Each output allows for individual DMX Pixel Mapping, with Broadcast & Unicast transmission as well as support for multiple network cards and IP address ranges.