The Jog Shuttle Board is able to control up to two sequences at a time. Opacity control, direct access to cues and a Jog Dial is every time within reach.

Connected to a Widget Designer, the Jog Shuttle acts as a freely configurable device.


Fader Board

The Fader Board is the extension for the Jog Shuttle Controller. It allows the controlling of six more sequences.

Configure the Fader Board as a flexible multi-purpose device for controlling e.g. lights or audio when used in conjunction with Widget Designer.


DMX Link In / Out

The DMX Link provides direct sequence and layer control from any common lighting controller. The USB interface offers an easy setup for DMX-512 control. Two version are available for DMX input and output.



The compact SMPTE Link can be setup as LTC SMPTE sender or receiver. All Pandoras Box Manager, Server & Player sequences can send and receive timecode via the USB SMPTE Link interface. Also, the Widget Designer can act as sending or receiving device.

Supported framerates: 24/25/29.97/30fps