XY Panel

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XY Panel

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The XY Panel represents a graphical touch pad with relative or absolute value controls.


To create a MultiTouchPanel widget choose "Widgets > Panels > MultiTouchPanel". The mouse cursor changes to a crosshair icon, indicating the create mode. With a left-click anywhere on the empty main background window you add the selected widget to the current page. Left-click again if you like to add one more. To quit the create mode, you can switch to the run mode with [F8], where you can use all widgets. The XY Panel can be used by clicking inside of the panel region and dragging the mouse around.

Next you will need to set up the properties of the newly built XY Panel control. To edit the XY Panel parameters simply right-click on it and choose the menu entry "Item Properties", press [ALT+P] whilst the mouse is hovering above it or double-click on it when being in the edit / move mode ([F9]). The XY Panel Property Dialog opens up.


The XY Panel’s ID may be changed by entering a new one in the text field top left.

To assign the XY Panel to one or multiple Pandoras Box devices enter the site and device ID in the device text field.

For example to control Server 1 Layer 1 and Server 2 Layer 2 enter "1.1 2.2"

You may assign different parameters to the X and Y axis by choosing the parameters from the drop-down list.

Default values are sent on page enter when the option “Reset Values On Page Change” is checked.

Depending on the mode you can either set a minimum or maximum value for absolute parameter control.

If you choose to use the relative mode then you might apply a factor to affect the strength of the value increment based on the mouse input motion.

The parameter’s distance and angle are reserved for the AirScan & iPhone multi-touch input.

Check “Mouse over Mode” if you want the panel to react on any mouse motion independent of the left mouse button press.

This is in particular useful and depending on the settings of the attached touch screen driver.

“Show info” allows you to display the current values of the panel.


The XY Panel offers script processing for different mouse interactions.

“On Click” is processed when a mouse left button down click on the panel control is being performed by the user.
“On Release” is processed when a mouse left button up click on the panel control is being performed by the user.
“On Mouse Enter” is processed when the mouse cursor enters the panel control.
“On Mouse Leave” is processed when the mouse cursor leaves the panel control.

To enter commands you may use the drop-down list and the "Add" button or type directly in the text field. The topic Script Language explains this in more detail.
See here a list of all commands.