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Widget Explorer

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The widget explorer [CTRL + W] displays a tree view of all items of your project. They are sorted by windows, pages, types (of widgets or nodes) and individual items. The four buttons below the tree view allow you to blank out the corresponding type. You can also search for a special item.


Left-clicking on an item will load the item's properties directly into the widget explorer. Of course the properties can be edited directly. You can also left-click on items in the main user interface to load their properties into the widget explorer. Note that the Item Properties dialog can not be opened in addition to the widget explorer.

Right-clicking on an item will show you some additional options for interacting with the tree view itself. For example you can show or delete items and expand, collapse or delete branches.
Please bear in mind that deleting branches will result in deleting the respective items as well.

The lower case letter in front of each node indicates its type (e.g.: iFader = Fader Input Node, oFader = Fader Output Node)

The widget explorer is being refreshed automatically.