What's New in Widget Designer

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What's New in Widget Designer

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This "What's New" chapter starts with updates for the Widget Designer version 6. The changelog lists also earlier changes, minor ones and fixed issues. You may find it in the installation path, e.g. C:\Program Files\Christie\Widget Designer 6 6077

[Rev 6077 and 4216] - Version 6.0

hmtoggle_arrow1++ New Widget Designer Licenses ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Run and Edit Mode Have New Shortcuts ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ New Interface Behavior and Additional Toolbar ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Widget Explorer, User Profiles and Import  ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ CSS Styles ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Protection and Encryption ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Web Server and Group Values++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Major Changes in the Scripting and Member notation ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Debug Logger ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Composite Nodes ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Copying Nodes is Faster ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ New Widget InputBox and Added Features to Existing Widgets ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ 64bit and New Project Data Format++