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"Views" and the View tab let you recall stored view layouts of the user interface with a single mouse click. This makes it very easy and fast to switch from one view, e.g. focusing on a large Preview window and the AEON FX tabs open, to another view, e.g. displaying not the Preview tab but the patch tab and having the sequence and device control tab separated.

The chapter "Layout" describes how you can influence the GUI layout: inserting new tabs and panes, breaking panes out, removing and resizing them.

Once you have set up a view layout that you would like to store, right-click on the Views folder in the Project tab and choose "Create View".
The new view item has now stored all tab locations and sizes of the user interface. If you're applying any changes now, you can recall the stored view at any time later on by double-clicking on the entry.

Choose "Apply Default View To Tabs" if you want to reset the views to default layout.


The Views folder holds all stored view entries. If you right-click on them you get access to more functions:

"Apply to Tabs"
overwrites the current layout and applies the saved one, alternatively you may double-click on the entry.

"Save Current Tabs To View"
overwrites the stored layout with the current one

lets you choose another name

deletes the view