User Interface - Master

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User Interface - Master

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This chapter explains the user interface of a Pandoras Box Master system. The Client's interface is covered in the next chapter. The chapter Master / Client Remote Setup explains the general difference between a PB Master and PB Client, how to connect them and how to include a Client device in your Master project.

To ensure an easy learning curve throughout all Pandoras Box products, we have created a unique user interface design. Importantly, the user interface of each Pandoras Box product looks identical.
This image includes links to different chapters, please click on the tab to read its respective description. The tabs not included in the default view can be found in the topic "Tabs Overview".


The user interface is designed for real-time playback and operation; therefore all important functions are accessible directly through a tab and view oriented workflow.
Pandoras Box supports a dynamic context-menu structure. A right-click on a particular item opens a context sensitive menu and shows the corresponding commands.

Of course the entire user interface layout can be customized to meet your needs. The tabs size and location can be adjusted either within the main frame or independently on the entire desktop area as a so called breakout pane. You may store several views and recall them with one click at any time during operation.

gui_from-website2_zoom48 gui_from-website1_zoom48m

Tabs with customizable commands are available as well. Add your own buttons to the tab and assign a desired command in order access it faster.

The Master User Interface section is divided into these themes:
Startup Dialog: explains the menus File, Edit, Tabs, Tools and Backup seen in the top
Menu Bar: explains the menus File, Edit, Tabs, Tools and Backup seen in the top
Layout: illustrates how to influence and rearrange the look of the user interface
Tabs Overview: gives an overview on each visible and hidden tab
Keyboard Shortcuts: includes all shortcuts existing in the Master version of Pandoras Box