User Interface - Client

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User Interface - Client

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This chapter explains the user interface of a Pandoras Box Client system. The Master's interface is covered in the previous chapter. The chapter Master / Client Remote Setup explains the general difference between a PB Master and PB Client, how to connect them and how to include a Client device in your Master project.


The Client User Interface allows you to set up as follows:

- Toggle Full Screen by clicking "Full Screen" or alternatively press CTRL+F
- Click "Configure Live Inputs" and a configuration window will open (please see more details about live inputs and how to use them in Pandoras Box in the chapter "Input Card Settings")
- Change the domain channel and confirm it by clicking "Assign Domain"
- Choose a dedicated network adapter in the drop-down list
- Check "Open in Full Screen Mode" and the next time starting the Client it will open in full screen-mode

See the following chapters for more information about the Client:
Client Live Input Configuration
Client Keyboard Shortcuts

More settings regarding the render engine (e.g. Full Screen is single) can be found in the Master interface: Configuration tab > Render Engine