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The Framerate can be set to values between 1 and 30 fps, according to your system’s performance and network´s capacity.
Please note:
You do not have to press [Apply] as your changes are applied immediately.

Enable the check box to stream successive frames of the desktop.
Disable the check box to stream a single image only. This may either apply to a desktop or file stream.
Please note that the check box is ticked automatically by the following buttons as well.

[Send Desktop]:
Captures the assigned desktop region with the assigned format and enables automatically the check box [Run]. However, you may tick it again in order to stream a single screen shot of the desktop. This will not interrupt the TCP connection itself but the capturing process.

[Send File...]:
Streams a file from the hard disk and disables the [Run] option. Please note that only single images (*.bmp, *.jpg,*.png,*.gif)*.may be streamed.