Track Inspector

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Track Inspector

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The Track Inspector on the Manager allows you to set up the following:


- Set up the Numeric Start ID

- Include in Store Active: uncheck this option to exclude the track in the Store Active command

- Mute External Input:
Tick this check box to block the track from any external input like Art-Net, Input Data from Widget Designer etc.

- Audio Channel:
Choose the channel of your ASIO sound card this track should be routed to. When adding an audio file to the track, the first channel of the audio source will be routed to the sound card’s audio channel you set up here (channel x). The second channel will be routed to the next sound card’s channel (channel x+1) etc. Whether the sound file is mono or stereo, always at least two channels will be addressed. If you want to hear a mono source only on one channel, turn PAN to the left.