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Tools Menu

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The Tools menu lists all tools available in Widget Designer. In contrast to a physical hardware device, a tool is rather a software tool. In addition, it is also possible to set up a connection, e.g. a TCP connection.

Once you have chosen an entry a dialog opens with more options.



For a detailed description please see the following pages:

Keyboard Input
Midi Input
Blacklist (not included in the WD Free Edition)
Email Settings (not included in the WD Free Edition)
RSS Settings (not included in the WD Free Edition)
SMS Settings (not included in the WD Free Edition)
Projector Calibration Manager (Beta)

Pandoras Box >
Canvas Template Manager

Add Layers to Pandoras Box

Array Align Layers
Circle Align Layers

Cue Generator

Video Logger
Video Recorder
Image Resource Manager



Lock Interface
When choosing the "Lock Interface" command from the Tools menu a password dialog will pop up and restrict the access to the interface from Widget Designer. The interface can be only unlocked when the correct password is entered.
The default password is empty.