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The Timecode control displays the timecode sent or received via a connected SMPTE Link device.
Set up the SMPTE Link device in the Connection Manager.

You may also route the sent / received SMPTE Timecode via the SMPTE Input Node within the WD Node System.


To create a TimeCode widget choose "Widgets > TimeCode". The mouse cursor changes to a crosshair icon, indicating the create mode. With a left-click anywhere on the empty main background window you add the selected widget to the current page. Left-click again if you like to add one more. To quit the create mode, you can switch to the run mode with [F8], where you can use all widgets.

To design the timecode colors simply right-click on the Timecode control and choose the menu entry "Item Properties”, press [ALT+P] whilst the mouse is hovering above it or double-click on it when being in the edit / move mode ([F9]).]. The Timecode property dialog opens up.


The Timecode’s ID may be changed by entering a new one in the text field on the top.

It allows you to choose the colour for the timecodes

- background,

- inside,

- glow,

- Inactive,

- background cell.