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Text Inspector

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inspector_textCreate your Text Input by right-clicking on a folder in the Project tab > Add Text Input. Select it to see its properties in the Text Inspector.

Use 1st Word as Resource Name
This names the Text input in the Project tab with the first word entered in the Text Input Editor.

Open in Resource Editor
In the Text Input Editor you may set up all options regarding the content of the selected Text Input, e.g. the text itself. Some of the options from the Editor are available in the Text Inspector too and apply to all (multi-) selected Text Inputs. The Editor also allows to transfer style properties to other Text Inputs. Please note, that .net framework 4.0 is needed to display this tab.

IDs Folder / File
Set numeric virtual file and folder IDs for DMX, PB Automation and Widget Designer remote control and thumbnail exchange.

Press "Clear" to remove the virtual file and folder ID.

Mode /.../ Texture Height
Please see the Text Input Editor for these options.

Anisotropic Filtering
Anisotropic Filtering does pixel smoothing for real-time video and image scaling, default is on.

Offset on Clients
Enter a pixel value to offset the Text Input for the according Client. This is especially useful when rendering text that spans across multiple outputs from different Clients.