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If you need to interface with Pandoras Box via Ethernet, TCP/IP communication is there to enable you to remote control sequences and cues.

For external control you may create a TCP/IP server connection for each sequence that uses TCP/IP Port 23. This can be set up in the Sequence Inspector.

The packet data is formatted as follows:
FFh 00h 00h nn <data>

nn defines the virtual com port 00h, 01h, 02h or 03h that can be set in the serial device in Pandoras Box Manager, for direct IP communication without a Serial Link interface you may ignore these virtual port values.

Once the connection is set up, the following commands are valid:

Sets the sequence state to play

Sets the sequence state to pause

Stops and rewinds the sequence

ID = enter number based on cue ID to jump to that cue directly

(Cue13) sets the timeline nowpointer to the time of cue 13.