StreamiX Live Input Settings

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StreamiX Live Input Settings

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As the StreamiX Desktop application can only pick connections up, it is necessary to establish them with the PB Client (or Master) beforehand. To do this you need to configure the live input. StreamiX is designed to be used as a live input on a Pandoras Box Player or Server, it is not available on a PB Manager. The Player or Server System may run in stand alone mode or as a PB Client.


In order to configure the StreamiX live input on a PB Client, the Client must be part of a project and the live input must be added to it as an asset already.

As live inputs are only available (and render-able) on the system were the physical input is, all other system including PB Manager cannot display the input. In order to preview a dummy file, select the StreamiX asset and use the attach function on the local node. Scroll down the Inspectors window, highlight "local" and click the "Attach" button. Choose the file you want to preview instead of the non-existing live input and Click "Ok".

In order to configure the StreamiX live input on a PB Master (PB Player or PB Server) drag the StreamiX live input from the Assets Tab to the Project Tab as well. Select the StreamiX asset and have a look at its options in the Inspector Tab. Scroll down, select the local entry and click the button "Configure".

Change the incoming resolution and the listening port.



Now the StreamiX live input may be used just like any other still image or video file. It is possible to assign it to a layer and use it in the sequence as usual.

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