Startup Dialog

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Startup Dialog

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With version 5.5 a Startup Dialog was introduced. It gives you the possibility to start fast with the project of your choice, you may load a new project, a recent project or one from the directory.

On the left side you may choose to open a new project. If necessary, change the default settings and then click the button.

- Name: Enter a name for your project. It will appear in the Project tab and will be the file name when you later on save the project to a directory of your choice. Until you do so, the project is temporarily saved under "C:\coolux\content\projects\temp_projects\temp".

- Mode: Decide to load a standard project or one that has optimized settings for being remote controlled by a lighting console.

- Settings: Choose whether the default settings should be applied or whether a pop-up should show the Configuration tab first to let you decide particular settings.

The button in the middle opens a dialog where you can choose the directory from where to load an existing project.

The right side shows a list of recently saved or opened projects. Simply click on the "Load" button next to a name.

Click the check box at the bottom if you do not like to display this dialog on the next startup. The same option can be found in the Configuration tab > Startup.