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The section "Startup" in the Configuration tab enables you to set up the look and properties when a project is loaded.

configuration_startup- Open Project on Startup:
Here you can set up the system to load the lastly opened project or a specific project file:
- Press “Browse” to choose a specific project file
- Press “Clear” to reset the load option
- Tick the check box to always open the lastly opened project file

- Show Startup Dialog
This de-/activates the startup dialog that pops up as soon as Pandoras Box is loaded. There you can choose a project to be loaded instead of using the File menu.

- Use Dark Skin
If the check box is activated, the user interface is rendered in the so called Dark Skin. If the check box is not ticked, the interface looks light gray. This option takes effect in the next session.

- Pane Separator Color
You may choose between a darker and a lighter color for the space between two panes. This option takes effect in the next session.