Sonic Emotion

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Sonic Emotion

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The optional multichannel audio plug-in integrates up to 24 channels of synchronized audio and is supported until Pandoras Box version 5.10.

When using the Sonic Emotion stereo audio device please use only: Mono wav files at 48kHz, 16 bit.

With the Sonic Emotion 16CH device, mono wave files with 48 kHz, 16 bit can be uploaded and synchronized to the Pandoras Box Timeline Playback. To access it, drag the device from the tab Device Types into the tab Device Tree. The available controls are depicted below. If you like to interact with the device whilst using a custom application (SDK) or the Widget Designer, please refer to this parameter list.


The audio can be interfaced with audio processors of our partner Sonic Emotion ( that provide spatial placing through their patented Wave Field Synthesis.