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Pandoras Box Servers and most Players feature a four sided image blending for any output configuration. Softedge allows smooth image blending of multiple projectors.


Traditionally, the overlap was an important information for anybody who wanted to create images for softedge projection. The amount can still be important depending on the setup of your softedge.

The overlapping area is that part of the projection, where the projected images of two projectors share the same image information to create a smooth image-blending from one projector to the other.

Due to the physical setup of the projectors - their light output and contrast - the overlapping has to be adjusted carefully to match a seamless image.

Pandoras Box softedge feature allows a variable overlap between 0% and 100% of each image edge.

Each edge (left/right, top/bottom) has its own softedge gradient with an individual gradient curve control for the light falloff of the projector.

Creating content for softedge projections

In general, for an optimum image quality, the best way is to create two parts of an image: a left part for the left projector and a right part for the right projector.

But if you would like to move a layer across the two projectors you will need to stretch the content and use the same image for both projectors and match them by X&Y positioning on top of each other.

It is also possible to use both methods in the same show, i.e. having overlapping content and stretched content in the same timeline but different layers.

Softedge setup

After setting up the projectors properly (matching the raster, size and keystone) the overlapping edges need to be blend together. The best way to do this is by using a test-pattern with text and positioning it precisely on top of each other. Now you may bring the soft edges in and adjust the curves until there is no more hotspot area.


DMX Control
For each edge (left, right, top and bottom) you have the possibility to set up the following parameters:

(Alias within GUI)

Name for external Control
(e.g. Widget Designer, SDK)


Value Range




Amount of softedge left



L Curve


Individual gradient curve



L Marker

SE L Marker

Marker for left softedge:

0=no marker

1 - 255 = black marker - white marker



L Width

SE L Width

Width of left marker



The parameters Left, L Alpha, L Marker and L Width and its values will be repeated for all other edges: Right (R), Top (T) and Bottom (B).


The values may be displayed in percentage read-out as well, see configuration tab).

Please note: Softedge always affects the whole output and will be adjusted automatically according to the keystone settings or the applied mesh.