SMPTE Time Code

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SMPTE Time Code

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The section "SMPTE Time Code" in the Configuration tab allows to set up timecode options for an attached SMPTE Link interface.

configuration_smpteIf you want to use a SMPTE Link interface for either SMPTE send or receive mode, please connect the SMPTE Link USB device, the availability will then switch to "YES". If not, Pandoras Box cannot find the SMPTE Link. Try to reconnect it to the hardware, restart Pandoras Box or re-install the driver found in the coolux Download Center our web site. To set a timeline to "Send" or "Receive" please see the Sequence Inspector.

- Retry:
Use the “Retry” button if you have lost communication or the SMPTE Link was removed from the USB port.

- Frame Rate:
Setup the frame rate that you want to use for either send or receive mode of the SMPTE Link interface.

- Level:
The level setting is important for send mode only. You may enter values between 0 and 1 to amplify the SMPTE output signal level.

- Transport Changes if Input Repeats
Some SMPTE sending devices continue sending the last frame instead of stopping the SMPTE transmission.
If this option is not enabled, and the SMPTE devices sends 3x an identical frame, the timeline will continue running until it receives a different frame.
If this option is enabled, the timeline will execute the Stop-Action set up for this sequence.