Serial Link

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Serial Link

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Please note, that coolux has discontinued the Serial Link. Please refer to JLCooper Electronics and their product eBOX.

The serial control will give you access and control to most routing switchers, projectors, shutters or other device parameters that are remote controllable via the common RS 232 and 422 serial protocols.

In order to control external serial devices over RS 232 or RS 422 you will need to add a serial link device from the Device Types tab to the Device Tree tab. Any serial ASCII or hex string can be stored and copied to any point in the timeline. It can be recalled at any time the time cursor hits the stored serial key. Once you set the first key you can assign the IP address and port ID in the keys properties as well as the ASCII or hex command for that key.

You will need a serial link device to receive and output serial commands. See further instructions in the Serial Link Device Manual.

Please see the topic TCP/IP for an example how to control a projector without the Serial Link hardware itself.