Receiving Parameter Values

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Receiving Parameter Values

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The following examples show you how to request information from Pandoras Box using the SDK and how to handle incoming values.
The examples require a working connection to Pandoras Box (see Connect SDK to Pandoras Box). If you like to know, how to send values yourself please go back to the topic Sending Parameter Values )

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If you are not familiar with Pandoras Box "vocabulary", please follow the links. In short, a site refers to a Client e.g. a Server, in the Device Tree tab. A site has many devices, also called layers, e.g. graphic layers or video layers. A video layer has many parameters, e.g. position on the X-axis. If a new value is applied to the parameters position / rotation / scaling, the layer would abruptly jump to it, which, does not look nice. Therefore, "Smoothing" applies a delay. It can be set up in the Device Inspector. Other examples above refer to parameters "effects", more information about effects can be found in the tab Aeon FX and FX on Layers, including an illustrated FX List with all available effects. A list with all parameter names can be found here.

The next topic, Error Handling, covers the way the SDK reports problems.