Projection Mode

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Projection Mode

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There are two projection modes available for each camera device:
- Perspective Mode (by default) and
- Orthogonal Mode.

The perspective mode allows a perspective angle to your view from different 3D scene.
The orthogonal mode switches off the depth and perspective view of the camera.
The control channels do still access the three dimensional orientation of the 3D camera.

Please note:
The Z position of any layer will only affect the rendering order but won’t make any visual change to the layer.

See here an example of how the projection mode affects the output:

The images at the top show the 3D scene in the global cam Preview: in perspective mode (left) and in orthogonal mode (right). The 3D scene stays the same, but the camera wireframes change according to the projection mode. The images at the bottom show the resulting output: in perspective mode (left) and in orthogonal mode (right).

DMX Control
The Projection Mode Channel is 8bit and the default value is set to 0.

Perspective Mode


Orthogonal Mode