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The Project tab holds all information regarding available media files (called assets), sequences, groups, presets, views and tabs. Whereas all devices that are managed by the project are located and displayed in the Device Tree tab.

Please see the following chapters about:
- Media files and folder structure
- Sequences
- Groups
- Presets
- Views
- Tabs

Commands in the Project tab

Right-click in the Project tab, e.g. on the very first folder and choose:

"Spread all Resources"
to copy all files from the Master system to all connected Clients. If you have done this before, a file will only be re-spread if it has changed

to add another media source to the project. The supported media is described in the next chapter

"Save As"
to save the current project with a different name and path

"Remove Unused Resources"
to delete media that is not used in any of the sequences