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Preview Display

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The section "Preview Display" in the Configuration tab allows to influence how the grid and untextured objects are rendered in the Preview tab as well as the output of a Client. You can also access the settings through the right-click menu of the Preview tab.

configuration_preview-display_ground-gridGround Grid

- Display in...
With these check boxes you may choose were you like to see the Ground Grid.

- Width / Height
With the number fields you can influence the size of the Ground Grid.


Mesh Shading and Color

Please note that the Inspector for an object allows to overwrite the below settings with individual ones.
The left bottom example shows an untextured object with gray material color and blue wireframe edges.

-Shade untextured object
With an activated option, even objects without an assigned texture are visible as they can be shaded according to the below settings e.g. colored and with visible wireframes.

- Wireframes
Choose whether an untextured object should be rendered without Wireframes, with Wireframe Edges or Wireframe Triangles.

- Width
Define the thickness of above mentioned Wireframes.

- Mesh Colors
Adjust the color of untextured objects.
--Define Colors
Click on the color fields to define a color that is used for the Fill Color and Wireframes. Use the number fields to adjust the transparency.
--Use in file defined color
If the object was originally saved with an assigned fill and wireframe color, Pandoras Box can use them also. Use the number field to adjust the wireframe's brightness.

- Material
Adjust the Ambient, Diffuse, Specular reflection levels and the shininess that influence how an untextured object reflects the global light, e.g. to appear rather glossy than dull. Further information...

- Global Point Light
You may adjust the X-, Y- and Z-position of a global light that is reflected from untextured objects according to the "Material" settings.