Pointer Inspector

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Pointer Inspector

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The Pointer Inspector opens when a Pointer Layer (used for Layer Picking)is selected in the Device Tree tab.


[ID Start]
Numeric start ID

[Include in Store Active]
Uncheck this option to exclude the layer from the Store Active command.

[Mute External Input]
Tick this check box to block this layer from any external input, like Art-Net, Input Data from Widget Designer etc.

[Available Pointers]
Choose how many inputs should be substituted with the Pointer Layer. If you are working with an Windows XP system only one input is possible, whereas Windows 7 and above is able to work with multi-touch events.

[Render in Scene (Use for Softedge)]
Per default, the Pointer Layer is not included in the Composition pass. Hence, it is not part of the so called render target and not influenced by any Output settings, like warp object, keystone or softedge etc. Find more information in the topic Video Processing Pipeline.