Parameter Value Ranges

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Parameter Value Ranges

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Depending on the parameter type the values cover different value ranges.

For example the opacity parameter can be set from 0 up to 255, the rotation parameters can be set from -9999.99° up to +9999.99°.

When controlling the Pandoras Box Master via DMX, MA-Net, Art-Net or sACN there is only a limited value range useable for the most parameters. This is due to the 8 bit / 16 bit channels of DMX control.

For example the opacity parameter value range can be used completely (0-255 = covered by one 8bit DMX channel). But the rotation parameter values range only from -1080° up to 1080° (instead from -9999.99° up to +9999.99°). This value range is divided into 65535 DMX steps (one 16Bit DMX channel), so that 1 DMX step corresponds 0.033°. Please see the DMX tables and the Device Control Section for detailed information about each parameter of the different device types.