Output Inspector

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Output Inspector

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The Output Inspector allows you to set up the following:


[ID Start]
Setup the numeric start ID of the output device.

[Include in Store Active]
Uncheck this option to exclude the output layer in the Store Active command

[Mute External Input]
Tick this check box to block the output device from any external input like Art-Net, Input Data from Widget Designer etc.

[Adopt Output Aspect Ratio]
Uses the aspect ratio of the site’s graphics card output as aspect ratio for the internal output device.

The Output Aspect Ratio will be read out of the site’s graphics card and transferred when connected to the Master device.

If this read-out is not correct, you may:

- overwrite the read-out data in the site inspector. This will change all camera and output devices of this site to the new resolution after next start-up.
- overwrite single camera / output devices by removing the tick from the check box “Adopt Output Aspect Ratio” and enter a new aspect ratio.

[Enable Input Events]
Tick the check box if you like to use the feature Layer Picking.

[Input Settings]
Choose whether you like to see the mouse cursor in the Client's fullscreen window and how / where Layer Picking should work.