Output Control

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Output Control

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The output device is the device that controls the overall output of the Pandoras Box Server or Player.
Here you may add a matrix file and a 3D / Warping object, adjust keystone and softedge settings.
You may add FX for i.e. a color correction of the whole output!

The camera control is the first render path. The result of this camera filming your 3D composition is passed to the output control, which is the second render path. The passes are described in detail in the chapter "Video Processing Pipeline".

The output control section is divided into the following chapters. Information about DMX Control is included, addressing customers who wish to remote control a layer with a lighting desk via DMX or Art-Net. If you like to use the Widget Designer or another application instead, please refer to this parameter list.
Viewpoint (only available for Servers)
Target (only available for Servers)
Settings (only available for Servers)
Lens Shift (only available for Servers)
Keystone (not for Player STD + Player LT)
Softedge (not for Player LT)
Render State

In the Output layer you can now also find an "Edit Warp Mesh" button. It either selects the Output Mesh or creates a new one for you and enters the Mesh Editing mode.