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The opacity sets the transparency of an image or video content on each layer.

Opacity 0% (value 0)                fully transparent
Opacity 100% (value 255)        fully visible

The opacity control allows smooth transitions for every layer. To add a Transition FX, please see the chapter FX.

Please note:
Compared to the handling up to PB Version 4.7, the opacity parameter does not control the audio volume anymore! No matter if the video file itself contains an audio part or a pure audio file is loaded.

The volume now is controlled by the parameter Volume in the Audio Section.

Use the opacity control in conjunction with the Transition FX to define the behavior of a cross-fade between two layers. Two layers blended with different kinds of TransitionFX create individual kinds of dissolves. The opacity channel always affects the entire alpha channel of the selected layer, independent from any chosen FX. A wide variety of wipes and dissolves is available in the TransitionFX section. Together with the TransitionFX, the opacity channel can also be used to superimpose two images on top of each other or to mask specific areas.

DMX Control
The opacity channel is 8bit, the default value is set to 0.



Fully transparent..Fully visible