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The object section allows controlling the overall opacity of the output, setting a 3D / Warping object or patch file as well as adjusting its position, scale and rotation state.


Object Selection

The camera allows the selection of the same object as for the layers. The big difference is that the overall rendering will now be displayed on the selected object depending on its texture mapping.
You may consider the use of an object with the camera as an image filter that is applied to the overall rendering of each individual output.
This feature may be used as visual effect or to select specific objects that allow keystone correction on any curved or non-planar screen.

To assign an object to the output, drag and drop the resource from the project tab onto the designated output. You may also highlight the target output by left-clicking on it and use the right-click command on the resource in the project tab “assign to active device” or just double-click on the object file.

To remove the resource from the output, right-click in the layer tree on the object parameter and choose “reset”.

To create a keystone object, we recommend creating it with the Warper or another third party software (3D Studio Max or its freeware version GMAX). Once you have set up the object according to your screen, you can export it to Pandoras Box and use it individually for each output.

For DMX control depending on the ID assignment in the Pandoras Box Master user interface, each layer can access 255 folder and 255 file IDs of individual object files.
Object file selection set to 0% (000dec.) selects “no file”.
The object channels are 8bit, the default value is set to 0.

Object Folder


No folder


Folder 1..255

Object File


No file


File 1..255


The opacity sets the overall output brightness level as well as the overall audio level.
Opacity 0%                black, no output / no sound
Opacity 100%                full brightness / 1:1 sound level

DMX Control


Fully transparent..Fully visible

Position, Rotation, Scale (Server only)

The 3D / Warping Object may be adjusted in its position and scale and may be rotated.
Please see the according chapters under Video Layer Control, as all outputs position, rotation and scale parameters work the same way.