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configuration_networkThe section "Network" in the Configuration tab enables you to set up connection properties applying to the Master-Client-connection. In addition Multi-User settings are available. Note that it belongs to the Local category which means that the following settings apply only locally on your system.

General Connection Settings

- Domain
Per default, the Domain channel number is 0. If you have problems connecting to another PB system, make sure that the Domain is set to the same channel on all Masters and Clients in the network. If the Master is on a different Domain than the Client, they cannot connect! It is recommended to only change the Domain if necessary, e.g. if there are two Masters in the same network that should only connect to a certain group of Clients.
Valid channel numbers are from 0-65535.

- Preferred Network Adapter (In Next Session)
The drop-down menu contains all network cards installed on the system. Select one and restart the application. Now the entire Pandoras Box communication of Master and Clients will be transferred by this defined adapter and its IP address. This applies for example to show data generated by the video / graphic containers and their keys in the timeline. With choosing a different network adapter for other protocols like Art-Net, you can separate different communication levels from each other.
These protocols can be assigned separately: Pandoras Box show data, DMX / Art-Net Mode, CITP Thumbnail Exchange and Streaming ACN.
Here, "Art-Net" refers to the data generated when a layer has been patched or if DMX devices are included in the timeline. It does not refer to possible Art-Net data generated by using matrix patches on an output layer (when working with LED walls and the Matrix Patcher).
If an explicitly named network adapter is not found, the "any" adapter will be used. "Any" is to be decided by the operating system Windows and its internal adapter order.

Multi-User Connection

- Show Multi-User Tab
This will open the Multi-User tab which is not activated per default.