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The Midi Input protocol supports the following message types:
Channel Voice Messages
All Note-On messages are processed.


The channel is mapped to the Pandoras Box preset tree. Channel 1 = GLOBAL ... Channel 9 = CTRL

The note calls the equivalent preset. The notes are being processed with a negative offset of 35 to assign the value 1 to the lowest note of a standard midi keyboard


Channel 10 is used for transport control. Each octave controls one sequence:

The lowest octave (Offset 35) controls sequence 1, the next octave sequence 2 etc,...

Play, (C)
Pause, (D)
Stop, (E)
Prev Cue + Play, (F)
Prev Cue + Pause (F#)
Next Cue + Play (G)
Next Cue + Pause (G#)

GUI - Configuration Tab

Midi Device: Choose an installed Midi Device.
ID: ID of MSC Message Mapping
Sequence: Choose the sequence to be controlled via MSC.
Run Midi: Launch MSC and MIDI Input.