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The Media parameter for a light layer is very similar to the one from a normal video layer. Please refer to this chapter if you want to learn how to assign a media to a layer and what layer sharing means. As well you will find there the DMX Control chart.
At present, it is not possible to use transparency (α channel) as see-through parts, for this simply use white color.

The media for a light layer acts as a mask or gobo or even as a transparent image in front of a light. In case of choosing a video, it turns the light into a projector.




light_ex1_mediaThe emitted light cone has the shape of a soft dot, the black parts are not visible.

light_ex2_mediaThe emitted light cone has the shape of a star.

light_ex3_mediaEmitted light interacts with the object's color. The reflected light depends on both colors!

Contrary to a video layer, you can not assign a mesh to a light layer.