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The user interface layout can be customized and stored in several views to be recalled at any time during operation. A view is determined by the layout of the panes and the tabs they contain. For example the default view consists of six panes, the top left pane displays the Project tab and Sequence Control tab.


The user-interface can be freely arranged by adding or removing panes and by resizing them.

If you right-click between two existing panes as seen in the image to the left, or if you click between a pane and the main frame's border the context menu offers you to insert a new pane. The command "Insert Pane ..." completes either with "Above, Below, To Right or To Left" according to the position where you clicked.

A new placeholder was inserted in the main frame, as a next step you may drag an existing tab into it. Click on the title of a tab and drag it into the title of the new pane.

To adjust the pane size, left-click between two panes and drag the mouse.


If you right-click into the title of an existing pane, you will see additional options to split the pane. If you choose to split it horizontally the existing pane will be divided into two panes, one upon the other. A vertical cut will give you two panes side by side. You may choose where you like to keep the existing tab.

The command "Break Out Pane" will release the pane from the fixed structure - it will break the pane out of the main frame. Now you can move and scale the new window independently. Note that the window will always be on-top of the GUI window.

A broken out pane offers the same options as an integrated pane: you may drag tabs into it, insert new panes or split them horizontally and vertically. You may as well remove it completely. When deciding to keep the tabs they will be moved to the next available pane.

To re-integrate a broken out pane, make a right-click into its title and choose the option "Return To Main Frame Next To Tab". Two new sub dialogs let you choose whereto position it exactly. For example you may decide to insert the broken out Inspector left to the Device Tree, it's default position.

Please note:
The Device Tree and Sequence tab can not be moved or be broken out; these two tabs are always linked to each other.

The Preview tab can only render on the screen that is a primary screen in Window´s!
For example, if you have an additional monitor attached to your laptop where Pandoras Box Manager runs on and you like to have a large Preview window, open the display settings first before starting Pandoras Box and make sure that the attached screen is set up to be the primary screen. Now open the Master software, break out a pane and drag the Preview tab into it. Now you may move the broken out pane to the attached display and maximize the window. Please note that you will always see the Window´s title bar.


If you want to add additional tab items to your view layout you may find all available tab items in the main menu bar under “Tabs”. By choosing one of the items, the selected view will be created in the user-interface and can then be moved to the desired pane.

You can save several views and toggle between them with a single mouse-click. How to do this is described in the chapter "View Tab".