Installation and Launching

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Installation and Launching

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All WD versions require Microsoft .NET framework (4.5.1) and C++ Redistributables 2013 to be installed on the computer, they are included at the installation package and are being installed automatically if necessary.

Please note that Widget Designer requires a 64-bit processor hardware.

If you have any issues with the installer itself, you may need to update your windows installer from the Microsoft homepage. As well, we recommend to use the newest dongle driver version when installing the software Widget Designer or Widget Designer with unlimited web clients.
WD Free Version does not require any dongle, neither for the installation nor for running the software.


Once WD is installed on your PC, you may launch the application from the start menu or create a shortcut on your desktop.

Another way to start the WD in a defined edition is the so called command line argument from the application. Create a shortcut of the Widget Designer .exe file (for example on your desktop). Right-click on this shortcut > Properties. On the tab “Shortcut” attach the following to the Target text field (with a space in between):
STARTWDF: free edition
STARTWD: regular edition, or leave the path as it is
STARTWDU: edition with unlimited web clients

"C:\Program Files\Christie\Widget Designer 6.0 Rev 5002\PB_Widget_Designer.exe" STARTWDF.
You may also use these additions with the command ApplicationStart(Filepath,Optional Commandline Arguments).

The chapter Widget Designer explains the different editions.