Image Sequence Inspector

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Image Sequence Inspector

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inspector_image-sequenceThe Image Sequence Inspector opens when an image sequence is selected in the Project tab.
Since version 5.7 it is possible to set initial values in the Configuration tab > Resources, e.g. if you always want an activated FluidFrame option.

Number of Threads:
This alters how many threads are called by the Pandoras Box application from the operating system in order to run the sequence. The number of threads must be smaller than the total number of images in the sequence.
Please read the chapter Image Sequence Formats for more information.

Frame Ordering
Choose whether the image sequence should be played
- from the first to the last frame
- from the last to the first frame
- from the first to the last frame and again back the first
- from the last to the first frame and back to the last

Please see the File Inspector for all other options like "Anisotropic Filtering" etc. and the file table.