How to Ping Other Computers and Check Your IP and Mac Address

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How to Ping Other Computers and Check Your IP and Mac Address

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This is the screen you start with. What you see is called the PB Menu. It hides the taskbar. To see it, click the "Settings" button and then the "Taskbar On".
Now click the Windows Start button and choose "Run...".


Enter the below code and click OK:


The Command Prompt window opens. Simply write (behind the already existing entry) the below codes and hit the Enter key.
In order to ping another computer in the network, write "ping " and the IP address. If the ping goes through it looks like the below image.
Enter for example:



If the ping request is not successful, there is either:
- a fundamental network problem (loose or broken cables, overloaded or broken switches or other connected devices)
- an IP conflict with other devices, for example because other devices have the same IP address (check all IP addresses within the Windows settings or with the PB Menu button "Network Setup" or the command in the below image)
- the entered IP address is wrong. The answer takes then longer and says for example "host not available"
- entered text is wrong, check that you have not forgotten to write "ping", that there is a space and that the numbers are separated with dots

In order to check what your own IP address and the MAC address, enter:
For more advanced results:
ipconfig /all