How to Install a New Pandoras Box Version

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How to Install a New Pandoras Box Version

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If you need or wish to update your current Pandoras Box version, you first of all need to download the new installer. To do so, go to > Support > Download-Center and log in with your user account settings. If you have not registered, please do so, it will only take a minute. Click on the link for the new version to start the download.

Copy the installer file to all (!) computers that run Pandoras Box. That applies to the Manager as well as all Players and Servers. Please read the chapter "How to copy files from and to a remote PC".

Run the installer on each computer.

Then, you need to tell the PB Menu to start the newly installed version when clicking the Master and Client button. If you do not do that, the buttons will start the old version. So please click on "Settings" and "Pandoras Box".


A dialog opens where you can see all already installed versions of Pandoras Box. Pick the newest version and press "OK".