How to Copy Files to a Remote PC

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How to Copy Files to a Remote PC

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This is the screen you start with. What you see is called the PB Menu.

This explains how to copy files to a remote PC (e.g. a new installer). Important notice: Do not follow these steps if you simply want to copy content to all your Clients. The content spreading and management is done via the PB Master (e.g. the Manager).

Open two Windows Explorers by clicking twice on the button "File Browser".

In order to copy files through the network to a remote computer, enter two backslashes and its IP address. In the example below, the browser on PC copies files to the remote, so this was entered in the second browser:


Afterwards you close the VNC Remote tool again, and back on your local PC you can then copy the files to an attached USB stick and transfer them to a PC that is online and send a mail to coolux support.