How to Copy Content to the Project

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How to Copy Content to the Project

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The last chapter explained how to copy content from an external hard disk, e.g a USB stick, to Pandoras Box hardware. Now, it needs to be included in the Pandoras Box software.

This is the screen you start with. What you see is the Pandoras Box Master, in this case a Manager.


In the "Assets tab" open the C drive from the "local" and then go to the folder you have copied the files to. Mostly, that is C:/coolux/content/...


If you do not see the folder, make a right-click and choose "Refresh Drive".


Then drag the folder or single files to the "Project tab" to the project folder you want to have the files in.


Sometimes you need to Spread the file manually. Spreading means that the Master sends this file to ALL of its Clients (Players or Servers).
Right-click on the file and choose "Spread".