How to Access Log Files

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How to Access Log Files

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This is the screen you start with. What you see is called the PB Menu. If you had problems and the technical support asked to receive your log files, first of all you need to connect to the computer you had problems with. That means, if it was a Client, first connect to it. These steps are described in the chapter "How to connect via VNC Remote".

Now, click the "Settings" button and then the "Show log" button.


You see the Windows Explorer with the according Logs folder.


Take all files that you see and mail them all to the technical support.

You might need to do that for the Manager as well as for the Clients (Players and Servers). If yes, enable a VNC connection to the Client as described in the chapter "How to connect via VNC Remote". Then do the above steps to enter the logs folder. In order to copy them through the network to your local machine, open a second browser. In there, you enter two backslashes and the IP address, e.g.
Then you can make a new folder, in our example it is called "files to be copied to USB stick" and copy the files from the Client to that folder.


Afterwards you close the VNC Remote tool again, and back on your local PC you can then copy the files to an attached USB stick and transfer them to a PC that is online and send a mail to coolux support.