Graphic Layer Control

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Graphic Layer Control

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Graphic and Video Layers have very similar functions, they only differ in the properties listed below.
For information about all other sections of the graphic layer (like position, rotation, scale…) please refer to the explanation of the Video Layer Control.

No Playback Control / No Audio Section

Video and audio files can’t be played back on a graphic layer. But you have the possibility of choosing and showing a still frame from a video file.
Use the parameter “Frame” to scroll through the video file. The value range of 0..65535 corresponds the 100% video length.
To show animated files on a graphic layer, use the option “Share Layer Texture”and route the texture of another layer to this graphic layer.

You may add an unlimited amount of Graphic Layers to your project. Do this by right-clicking on the site to open the context menu > Add Graphic Layer. The new Graphic Layer will be added below the highest Graphic Layer in the Device Tree. The layer can be moved to another position in the device tree by drag and drop.