Getting Started

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Getting Started

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Software Development Kits are available for the programming languages Visual Basic and C#. It is also possible to use JavaScript in Html pages. Other languages can also be used, but are not in the scope of this document.
We provide documented code for both Visual Basic and C# when used in combination with Visual Studio. You can obtain a copy of Visual Studio at the Microsoft website.

Required resources (Programming/Applications)
Step 1: Obtain PandorasAutomation.dll
You can find the PandorasAutomation.dll in every Pandoras Box installation folder (where PandorasBox.exe is located).
A typical location would be: C:/Program Files/coolux/Pandoras Box V5 ... Rev .../PandorasAutomation.dll

Step 2: Download SDK
Eventhough the SDK includes a PandorasAutomation.dll, it is recommended to substitute it with the one from the current version!

Required resources (Scripting/Html+JS)
All the required files come with Pandoras Box.

The next topic describes the steps to get started with Visual Basic or C#. For scripting with JavaScript read Using JavaScript. Information about other languages can be found here.